15 March 2010

Normal people things (feeling nostalgic)

When I was in high school I didn't really talk about normal people things with my friends. What's normal people things: you know shit like who likes whom, who's fighting whom, who's doing what this weekend, general interpersonal shit. I mean honestly, I look back it now and feel kinda like I was this (literal) clown who could say weird stuff that was occasionally funny. That's all I was though. But rarely did I know what was actually going on. And no one ever knew what was going on with me. In some ways I felt like I was among of the nonessential personnel of my social circle, and I blame no one but myself for that.

I think I really broke out of that sometime my second year of undergrad. I'm still kind of uncomfortable asking people to elaborate about things in their personal lives, but I think I've improved. And basically I'm an open book. Fucking prompt me and I'll tell you anything you'd like.

The problem, though, is that I feel like I'm still my prior self around people I know from high school! Oh well?

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