16 March 2010

Restaurant review - Rincon Latino

A long time ago I had pupusas in a Mexican restaurant in my home town, The Aztec. Then they mysteriously disappeared, showing up every once in a blue moon as a special.

Somehow I found out there was a Salvadoran restaurant in downtown Framingham called Rincon Latino and they had pupusas. I was at my parents' house over the weekend and I convinced them that what I really wanted for my birthday meal was to get takeout from them.

My mom and I got papusas and my dad got tacos. Everything was dank in the best of ways. I probably wouldn't know a good pupusa from a bad one, but I really enjoyed them! And I think the three meals came to $14.08 all together.

There are about 7 tables inside, so if you want to sit and watch the cars back up at the railroad crossing you totally can. Go there! It's at 39 Hollis St, right over the railroad tracks.

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