17 November 2010

Live from the 24th Floor

I'm up here on the 24th floor of the library. When I arrived this guy was on the phone with his mommy. All good and well, it seemed like the conversation was nearing a close. Then this fuckstick decides he has to call his girlfriend, because he's "bored". Man, jerktown, I'm so sorry that you have a live such a boring life, but this is a library where I'm trying to study. P.s. your voice and phone mannerisms make you sound like a little bitch. Like worse than me circa 2006.

I mean if you're going to make a phone call when you know people are around, try being a little discretionary and move like between two bookshelves or the elevator lobby. Also maybe not spending your free time in libraries.

I think I'm going to try to save up a fart and silent but deadly him when I leave.