06 December 2010

I don't know how to take off a shirt

When I was in Framingham for Thanksgiving, I was taking off a shirt and when I finished my sister started making fun of me. Apparently I've been taking off my shirts wrong all this time. I'd extricate one arm and then pull the rest of the shirt off to the side of the freed arm. This, my sister argued, and I'm inclined to agree, stretches out the necks of my shirts unevenly so they rest oddly. I had noticed this before and assumed I was just asymmetric.

The proper technique, apparently, is to take your shirt off from the bottom with crossed arms, inverting them and pulling up. This avoids stretching out the neck of the shirt, which is most visible. Doing this feels really weird because I have to actively think about it. Also sometimes I forget what I'm doing and have to start over. My shirt-removal mojo is totally trashed.

How do you take off your shirt?


  1. One-arm maneuver. Fuck the po-lice. I've been aware of the 'correct' method for years but it's not worth it IMO - I haven't noticed my shirts being stretched out like that. Maybe it's because I'm a skinny mofo. Although, I have caused little tears in the shirt a couple of times doing this.

  2. I think it's because your clothes don't fit you to begin with