14 January 2011

Anonymous commenting is now enabled

This post is about writing mean things in the comments.

13 January 2011

All children should be taught a foreign language

While English speakers refer to a 'bar' of soap the French call it a 'pain', which is literally 'bread'.

The French term for the 'AA' size battery is 'mignon' which was taught to me to mean 'cute'.

08 January 2011

Oyster Stout

This is a process with three steps.

1) "I can't really taste anything different, but it sure tastes like a good stout."
2) "Oh yeah when I drink it I can smell the beach a little!"
3) "Oh my god how much salt water did I drink??"

Buyer beware?


Do blogs need to have content on a single theme?

Will I ever put thought into anything here again?