16 February 2011

First brew log

Brown porter. I'm making this from this kit.  I'm not sure what standing kits have in the "home brewing community", but my dad has been using them for years and people seem to like his beer (myself included) so we'll see.

15 January
13:00 First problem: can't get cover off of fermenting bucket. Holy fucking shit!
13:40 Cover is off, everything sanitized, grains steeping. I need to go back to the gym.
15:05 Malt and bittering hops in and boiling away. 40 minutes until yeast hydration.
My dad has been skyping in during this process to offer advice and has told me that this morning he put his underwear on the dog's head just to see what she would do. Dog didn't care.
15: 55 Boil almost done, pretty uneventful. But it turns out that steam was condensing on the fume hood about my stove and dripping back in. Is my beer being to taste like grease?
Check out this brew.
16:11 This stuff looks pretty nasty. Waiting for it to cool.
16:37 Stuff is all mixed up, sealed, and put away in the closet. Autopsy of the pot looks like maybe the mixing wasn't that great, a fair amount of malty looking shit looking like it didn't fully go into solution. Maybe more water next time around; the pot could have handled it.
19 January
00:42: No yeast activity. Not good. Probably going to give it another shot of yeast tomorrow if I remember to swing over to Noho.
30 January
Everything is in bottles and I have nothing to say. 
16 February
So I've tried the beer. Actually I tried it last Friday too, but that was maybe a little early. Today's bottle had a decent amount of carbonation. Pouring it fast resulted in a decent, if ephemeral head. The taste seems good, maybe with a little too much of a 'bite'. I wonder how much alcohol is in it though: I regret not taking any measurements during the process. I think it's time to round up some victims!!


  1. I would not be against receiving decent if ephemeral head


    bring it into the lab