14 February 2011

Come on take a little walk with me baby, and tell me _whom_ do you love

Valentine's Day. Named after St. Valentine the crusader, noted destroyer of heliocentrists. In our modern times, this holiday is mainly celebrated by mothers mailing their grown children boxes of candy (right?).

Here at fuckityo.com, whether you're chronically single or happily married or anywhere in between, we have a long tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day. Last year, we looked at the parallels between an old relationship and a weird vague happenstance. This year, though the situation is equally grim, I'm fresh out of parallels and not really in the mood for making a concerted effort towards any great thoughts.

So we're going to do the next best thing.

We're going to correct George Thorogood. It's whom, dude. It's an object.

Happy Valentine's Day, you fucks!


  1. I think I know a guy whom has a stick up his ass about nearly-obsolete English words!

  2. I just want lonesome George to understand!!!