05 February 2011

Required reading if you want to be my friend

When I was a freshman, there was ZooMassDrunks.com. It was a website to post stories of the drunken escapades that it was the moral and legal obligation of every UMass student to engage in. There was one in particular that was particularly awesome about a man drunk on love, life, and perhaps Busch Lite.

But there was so much going on that year, eventually the site was forgotten about. And then disaster struck, someone remembered the story but the site was long gone.

And then Ilya found it in a folder of images! And did the memories ever flow back.

Now I share it with you. Is behavior like this truly to be celebrated? That is not for us mortals to decide.


  1. YESS I thought this was gone forever! Hooray Ilya!

  2. So is this you? How was this different from last weekend when you told the waitress at ABC "Got any Italian in ya? Want some?"

  3. how _dare_ you imply that this is me. i would never be so classless. seriously what kind of classless asshole buys bottles of busch light (the cans are so much cheaper).

    (and quite the RISCĂ© name you got there)