12 November 2011

A solid website

What is making one Matt Laquidara chortle recently? This ol' website his good buddy Ilya found in an ol' garbage can!

This is the name of the website: http://yes.thatcan.be/my/next/tweet/

So yeah Matt Laquidara, doing business as twittername @laqoff, does use the twitter brand short style online messaging platform for relaying messages to his peers! Yeah it's dumb and stupid but like please don't stop reading. Pretty please? This online website device makes new 'tweets' out of your existing 'tweets'. 'Tweets' is a dumb word, call them messages or posts please.

I have used this on my posts and gotten some pretty hilarious results in my opinion. Not only that I've DRAWN some of them using computer technology because I can't sleep!

You may click the images to make them larger! But not too much because it will burn out the internet computer's biggen-coil!!!

EDIT:  A special bonus.

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