29 December 2011

My friends will think I'm crazy

Imagine all the things we know are bad ideas and don't do, and thus never get to experience.

20 December 2011

Ping pong

There's a ping pong table at work. I'm pretty bad at ping pong but I played some at school because one of my grad school colleagues was super into it and would no shit every week browbeat us into going. That being said, I don't take ping pong seriously but it's a load of fun to just dick around with.

I see a good amount of people at working taking ping pong quite seriously. Like fairly good technique and such. Stuff I couldn't dream of pulling off with any success.

But a lot of the time what happens is they'll be playing, with some skill, and someone does this outrageous slam. Most of the time it goes way off the table or into the net or some other bad outcome. And yet I see this all the time as I'm going to the break room to get my lunch or water. Again and again.



16 December 2011


I kinda wonder if...nevermind.

15 December 2011

Roadrunner twice

7:30: Alarm goes off, beautiful KEXP music fills my eager ears.
9:00: Out of bed, finally.
10:00: Arrive at FedEx office location in the Denny triangle. Receive a 20 pound box with Legal Seafood branding. Start schlepping box towards work.
10:10: Arrive at work looking for fridge space. Run into the support engineer for my team. He probably wasn't expecting to run into someone carrying around fresh seafood. Who would?
10:20: Leave work finding no fridge space. Curse the name of my uncle for his generous gift.
10:45: Arrive home to open box. Out comes some chowder. Unidentified round other item. And then I see it. Amidst seaweed: one or maybe two lobsters. Unable to contain myself any longer, I throw the whole thing in the fridge. This will have to wait.
10:50: Text coworker that I have a live seafood situation and to tell my boss such if I miss the 11:15 sync up meeting.
11:15: Make sync up meeting.
16:00: Weekly meeting with the boss. Told I need to get my tasks done faster. Normally this would mean a late day in the office. Except...
18:20: Leave for speed dating.
18:40: Arrive in Belltown for speed dating. Realize I almost had worn the exact same shirt as my friend, but fortuitously changed after lobster schlepping incident.
19:00: Speed date.
21:30: Speed dating ends. Totally unsure of my performance, I bemoan my lack of self-awareness.
22:15: Arrive home.
22:30: Retrieve items from fridge. Start boiling water.
22:45: Retrieve mysterious round item from fridge. Oh my god it's a perfectly round miniature Boston Creme pie. Miracles of modern science.
23:30: Water seriously takes this long to boil!! Determine there are two lobsters. Further, ascertain lobsters are actually alive.
23:35: I show off lobsters to uninterested roommate. Remove rubber bands from claws. Then they go for a swim.
23:55: Lobsters come out.
23:58: Put on lobster bib.
0:00: Eating delicious lobster, a crab cake, and Boston Creme pie while listening to a song that features the Stop and Shop at the 9-27 plaza in Natick. No fucking shit.
1:00: Make lobster salad.
1:30: Day ends. Pretty ok.

08 December 2011


There was a brief family tradition (i.e. we might have done this two years in a row), where we'd go see the Nutcracker at a local performing arts school. I remember my dad only going once. Before we went, he asked something about there being words. My mom told him that it was a ballet and there were no words, just dancing to music.

Ballet is all about nuanced suggestion through dance synchronized with music.

Why does ballet work? I mean I've never real 'got it', but there's sufficient expressive capability in what ballet entails to tell a story. But why not just have words?

That's a good question, until you realize we're all in a ballet, right now.

02 December 2011


How much can you learn in six minutes?