15 December 2011

Roadrunner twice

7:30: Alarm goes off, beautiful KEXP music fills my eager ears.
9:00: Out of bed, finally.
10:00: Arrive at FedEx office location in the Denny triangle. Receive a 20 pound box with Legal Seafood branding. Start schlepping box towards work.
10:10: Arrive at work looking for fridge space. Run into the support engineer for my team. He probably wasn't expecting to run into someone carrying around fresh seafood. Who would?
10:20: Leave work finding no fridge space. Curse the name of my uncle for his generous gift.
10:45: Arrive home to open box. Out comes some chowder. Unidentified round other item. And then I see it. Amidst seaweed: one or maybe two lobsters. Unable to contain myself any longer, I throw the whole thing in the fridge. This will have to wait.
10:50: Text coworker that I have a live seafood situation and to tell my boss such if I miss the 11:15 sync up meeting.
11:15: Make sync up meeting.
16:00: Weekly meeting with the boss. Told I need to get my tasks done faster. Normally this would mean a late day in the office. Except...
18:20: Leave for speed dating.
18:40: Arrive in Belltown for speed dating. Realize I almost had worn the exact same shirt as my friend, but fortuitously changed after lobster schlepping incident.
19:00: Speed date.
21:30: Speed dating ends. Totally unsure of my performance, I bemoan my lack of self-awareness.
22:15: Arrive home.
22:30: Retrieve items from fridge. Start boiling water.
22:45: Retrieve mysterious round item from fridge. Oh my god it's a perfectly round miniature Boston Creme pie. Miracles of modern science.
23:30: Water seriously takes this long to boil!! Determine there are two lobsters. Further, ascertain lobsters are actually alive.
23:35: I show off lobsters to uninterested roommate. Remove rubber bands from claws. Then they go for a swim.
23:55: Lobsters come out.
23:58: Put on lobster bib.
0:00: Eating delicious lobster, a crab cake, and Boston Creme pie while listening to a song that features the Stop and Shop at the 9-27 plaza in Natick. No fucking shit.
1:00: Make lobster salad.
1:30: Day ends. Pretty ok.

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