26 February 2012

Mediocre Expectations Memorialized (Seismic Toss)

Before there was fuckityo.com, before there was Supertime Radio, there was Mediocre Expectations. Mediocre Expectations was a blog superficially much like this one, it was hosted on the blogger platform and may have used the same default layout template. From the wasteland of the summer of 2006 (though possibly 2007) to some time after, it was the repository for my thoughts.

There was one difference between Mediocre Expectations and anything that came after it though: Mediocre Expectations had an awesome name.

Tooting my own horn here. It was a really awesome name. It all stemmed from some great fear that I was trending towards mediocrity in basically everything. The rest was all literary. Mediocre Expectations. Jesus christ.

So I lied earlier, there were some other things different about Mediocre Expectations. First of all, every post was named after a Pokemon move. Reflect was definitely one, as was Growth. One could have well been Waterfall. Maybe there was a Quick Attack, but that's kind of tough to work with. But no tougher than Razor Wind. In fact all of these sound really awesome right now.

So I'd admit I stole this conceit from a Pokemon message board where the administrator had a fake account called 'Hobart'. Hobart would crop up from time to time and post topics named after a Pokemon move. The contents would probably best be described as nonsensical and vaguely sexual free-form poetry tangentially related to the move mentioned.

There was no vaguely sexual free-form poetry in Mediocre Expectations. However, these are some posts I remember.
Reflect: An apology to the town of Framingham. I saw Framingham as lacking the advantages of an urban area while possessing none of the quality of a rural one. In this post, as response to discovering thisisframingham.com, I realized this perception was partially due to my lack of trying things in town. Framingham could have been a limiting factor, but I was a greater one. This was the first post.
I still feel that I never give Framingham a fair shake when I'm there, but I'm enjoying living in a more urban area.
Growth(??)/Waterfall(??): An indictment of the college parties and drinking games as not fostering connections between people. A look forward to calmer social activities.
Still not sure how I feel about this one. I really miss the communal living of college, but I never really mastered the college party thing. I definitely learned to enjoy beer pong though, it was just by the time I was in grad school.
???: A post lamenting the close of CompUSA, specifically recounting an event where a friend from the other side of town and myself had a race to get there and buy free after rebate routers.
I really did this is high school. I won the race by cheating and leaving early.
???: A reflection on Star Trek TNG having seen all the episodes in order over a year. Some complaining about all the major characters being more or less perfect and well intentioned. Also Data being a funny robot.
Ilya wrote a post on this topic, so I had to copy.
There must have been more than these, and I hope I can think of some of them.

So you might be wondering what ever happened to Mediocre Expectations. From the horse's mouth, January 4, 2008:
 i'd always think, shit i should post something, and then the next day i'd think, 'glad i didn't post that because that would suck' so i figured i'd just blow it up

Oh Matt, you silly goose, you'd have to know you'd miss it if you blew it up! But your desire to massage your image was just too damn strong. The data is lost forever. I tried recovering it from Google and they said no dice. That kinda sucks, because I'd love to see what I thought about during that fairly considerable time span.

Before, and somewhat concurrent with Mediocre Expectations, there was a LiveJournal but that's a strange and complicated beast that won't get discussed here.


  1. Anonymous26/2/12 09:38

    Archive.org? Not even sure if they index old blogs...

    Totally know what you mean though; I wish I could read my old lj, but it's long gone

  2. Checked archive.org, never had the notability/dumb luck to have been picked up in the archive.