02 April 2012

Wherein the author takes a journey to a distant land

The other day I took a long journey. I like to think of myself as a well-adjusted urban dweller, but I found myself in a situation where I really needed a power outlet adapter and I had no idea what to do. Nothing in walking distance seemed like a feasible option. I couldn't even think of a place that would fit my needs downtown. Isn't that what living in a city should be all about? Shouldn't I be able to take a bit of a walk, or even a bus, and meet all my needs?

Instead I reverted back to old habits.

I drove to the mall. To the mall's credit, the mall is still in Seattle proper, it's just in an area called Northgate, which might as well be some second-rate suburb. It's just houses and cars and malls. But what was I to do? Between a Target and a Best Buy, I ended up with everything I needed. I just had to drive a half hour to get there, and compromise maybe everything I believe in.

But there's more to this story than that. The real funny thing is that I always thought of the place with Target and Best Buy in at as the mall itself, but really there was an entire mall across the street all this time. And after I got the goods, I went over there in a mission of exploration, well, because I heard this mall had a Pokemon vending machine. Yeah. A vending machine selling Pokemon merchandise. My "I'm a ashamed of this" detectors should be going the fuck off, but they weren't and aren't.

So I ended up at the mall. The Pokemon thing was swarmed with kids.

I had forgotten kids, their fat parents, and their minivans existed. I realized it was time to go home.

All the merch was shitty new game stuff and a single Pikachu.

Not what you were expecting?

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