26 July 2012

Good night

I have a bad habit when I've been drinking, and that's to really want to record things in my phone in hopes of finding them later. Of course, I only usually find these things when when I've been drinking and looking to record such things.

This is a story about not remembering one of those things at all.

Tuesday night I partook in a little drinking and ended up looking at the calendar of my phone. I scrolled to August for some reason and saw the 13th underlined. Underlining means there's an event for that day, so I checked it out.

Good night

I have no idea what this is about. It's not recurrent on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, so it's not like I had a good night once, put some reminder of it in my phone, and then made it recur inadvertently. The other consideration is that maybe I meant to put this in my phone last year, but put it in the wrong year. But I don't think I had a particularly good night August 13, 2011. Just some random Saturday. But at some point, I, or someone else who stole my phone, felt the need to attach the words 'Good night' to August 13, 2012, for whatever reason.

In any event, the pressure is on.


  1. Anonymous7/10/12 10:38

    I would interpret "good night" as ominous -- you are going to sleep that day... forever? tuntuntun
    but was it a Good Night?

    1. Anonymous7/10/12 10:39

      It took me 4 tries to pass your captcha! I AM A ROBOT!

    2. please shout out I AM A ROBOT whenever you introduce yourself to new people