16 September 2012


Awhile back I decided I was going to make some special posts when I got around the hundred post mark. Barring the deletion or revival of any older posts, this is number 98. It only took three years.

So here's how we're going to do this.

I want you, the probably-not-even-in-the-teens number of people who regularly read this, to suggest topics and I'll pick one and write about it in post 99. So comment here, anonymously or not, about stuff you'd like me write about.

For post 100 I'll be doing a retrospective of some of the best and worst of this very blog! If there are are posts you would like reflected on, expounded on, or explained, feel free to put them in the comments as well.

This whole thing seems a little silly and ridiculous to me, because I've always felt that the best way to open something to criticism and disdain is to pretend it is larger and more important than it is. This is mediocre at best writing with an active readership that exceeds 10 people every once in a blue moon. And here I acting as though people are going to care about getting a chance to dictate what's in the 99th post.

But I'm going with it and you should too!


  1. Top 10 dreams? Top 10 dreams.

  2. Anonymous20/9/12 17:35

    Top things to do in a bar with no beer

  3. Anonymous6/10/12 12:33

    that time you were addicted to heroin

  4. Anonymous6/10/12 13:58

    Top 10 sev 1s

  5. Anonymous6/10/12 14:16


  6. Hyperbeam as a tactic