27 December 2012


My roommate in grad school couldn't have been more different from me. He's super outgoing and boisterous: a veritable force at parties who always managed to be the center of attention. He's strong, big, and fearless to the point of inviting risk and danger. But we got along absolutely great. There was a lot of horseplay that, without exception, turned out worse for me than him.

One time, rather than just go all Krav Maga on my sorry weak self, there was a twist.

My roommate was in the police academy at the time, so he had this realistically weighted fake gun. In this scenario I had the gun. To shoot him, all I had to do was say "Bang!" and I'd deliver an incapacitating shot. Meanwhile, from a fairly short distance away, he'd run at me.

First time we did this, he ran at me and I immediately hit the deck. I was shocked that I couldn't get over the defensive instincts that I had. We did it again. This time, I didn't end up on the floor, but sort of curled myself up to protect my head and stomach, completely forgetting that I could dispatch that motherfucker with the word "Bang!".

It was really weird. It makes me wonder if I had a real gun and was in a situation where I was legitimately being attacked would I even have the presence of mind in that moment to use it? Would you?

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