23 September 2013

Arcade bar

I think she looks a little bit like Amy Ryan. But you'd probably say I was crazy. But I think everyone agrees that she doesn't want to be there.

She addresses me with a "what's up dude" when I go up to the bar. It's reminiscent of the way one would address a kid brother's annoying friend. It is without charm. I pay too much for the wrong beer.

It's a shit crowd at that bar. The receipt next to me has a criminally low tip on it. In what world is it ok to have one's compensation decided by post-facto evaluation? Maybe I'd be annoyed too.

20 September 2013

New commute

The black convertible pulled up to the stoplight. The man sitting in it had a prominent bald spot and it was framed with a crown of thinning hair sticking straight up. He turned on the radio and it was blasting some old rock and he quickly silenced it.

In the back seat of the car was a German shepherd. It was looking around anxiously, as though embarrassed by the whole situation. But then traffic started moving, and the dog looked forward, seemed entirely at ease, and grinned.