05 January 2014

It's just different

It's the same road actually, I-90. And once you get into the suburbs, be they of Seattle or Boston, the character of the road is largely the same.

But you're doing 80 in the center lane really honestly just keeping up with traffic and without signaling any maneuver whatsoever someone bombs up behind you, passes you on the right, and zooms off never to be seen again, you see it's different.

In this world, whether you get caught or not is less about adherence to the law and more about the proper technique. Strength in numbers. Luck of the draw. Are you exposed? You're hypervigilant for the outline of a police car. Any American-made car is a potential undercover. But on a good day, with clear weather and no staties you fly.

It's just different. It's not better or worse, but it's just worth knowing that the way you know is not the only way. I certainly didn't know.

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